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MLM Igniter Open source mlm software php boilerplate | Ready to cook


 Purchase From here:
  1. -Graphical Dashboard
  2. -Role User Chart
  3. -Last Registered User Chart
  4. -Project Chart etc.
  5. -Multiple Other Master Wizards
  6. -Text Editor
  7. -Stiky Notification
  8. -Responsive Layout
  9. -Export to pdf,excel etc.
  10. -Insert Edit,delete Using Page Dialog Not need for refresh Page
  11. -Jquery Data table Grid, Search,Page Size,Paging Features Includes.
  12. Create any type matrix like 2x1,2x2 etc.

Application Security:
  • PSR standards
  • PHP errors, notices or warnings fully managed
  • SQL injection, XSS, CSRF etc
  • No any third party plugins there used

Application Modules Details:
  • Dashboard (It having multiple features like counts widgets, ui bar chart,donuts charts,line chart for new registered user)
  • Role User and Menu Management (you can manage all roles and users here, in menu management you may create multiple menus and give menu access to particular users or role)
  • Master Utility (There you may manage like Gender, Country, State, City,Contact Type, Product Categories, Payment Status, Membership levels, Legs, Ledger Accounts Type)
  • Affiliate Management (Here you can manage like User Personal Information, User Contacts Info,User Bank Details,User Rewards, User Ladger Accounts or even user login password details)
  • Product Management (Here you can manage Projects, edit update new products with pictures)
  • Invoice Manage (Here you can create invoice and invoice items, invoice transactions etc)
  • Reward Management (Mange User reward here)
  • EPins (Here you can manage request for ePins from some users and provide to them)
  • Wallet (Manage here Transactions)
  • Login and Logout Page

Codeigniter Framework 3.1.11

MySql Any Version Version: 1.1

  • Unzip to downloaded file
  • See database script named as MLMMaster database.sql
  • Create database with any name and Run script MLMMaster database.sql
  • Copy code directory on www root
  • Change database connection on application\config\database.php
  • Change your base bath on application\config\config.php ,base path like your domain name where you going to host or localhost with port.
  • Now Ready to use
  • Open given base path of your domain in browser
  • Default Login: Username=Admin, Password=Admin

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